A Serious Call to Christian Vocation

The Fall/Winter 2014 issue of Reflections magazine.

To read the entire issue, click on the cover image.

fall 2014 vocation for web cover







To read individual articles from this issue, click on the article’s title in the list below.

Have I Got a Job for You, Moses, by Marjorie George

Becoming Vocation, by the Rev. Mike Marsh

All Called, by Dan Morehead, M. D.

Amazing Grace! Discerning Vocation in a Christian Community, by the Rev. Dr. John Lewis

Seasons of Vocation, by the Rev. Carol Morehead

Seasonal Work, by Diane Thrush

With All your Heart, by Stephen Hudson

Yes” to Love’s Obligations, the Rev. Dr. Jane Patterson

Disguised as God, by the Rt. Rev. Gary Lillibridge

Vocatus by the Rev. Carol Morehead
Intention by James R.Dennis, O.P.

Book list

2 thoughts on “A Serious Call to Christian Vocation”

  1. On this Feast day of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, I was reading her life on the internet; and, then continued on to my e-mails and went to “Interrupting the Silence” which lead me to this this webisite called Reflection Mazazine all Editions. What a beautiful surprise! Perused the “site” and went to the article by Rev. Mike Marsh.
    One point led to another, and discovered the Grace of God for me today!
    Thank You! Gratitude abounds in my soul, as I prepare for some days in “Retreat” this coming four-day weekend, while the world is scrambling for “buys and sales” I’ll be, hopefully quietly scrambling to enter more deeply into the “root of my roots” in silence and solitude!
    Thank you!

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