Stop, Look, Listen

from the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of Reflections magazine

words and photos by Jana Orsinger

Remember hearing this as a child? Over and over our parents cautioned us to stop, look, and listen before crossing any street. We had to learn not to dart out into traffic but to pay attention to where we were and what was going on around us. Especially when the streets were really busy.

These days, there is another danger in the world: the too-busy mind. We can get lost in it, get run over by racing thoughts, or become deadened by lack of attention to ourselves and the world around and within us.

Because we already know how to stop, look, and listen, we could learn to employ this simple wisdom in a new way. We could remember to pause from time to time, to look at everything with quiet eyes, and to listen for the silent music of love humming just beneath the surface of things.

the running commentary.
The ceaseless scurrying through the day.
Stop the mindless scrolling on some device.
Stop judging, insisting, worrying, hating.
Stop stirring the pot.

Stop and take a breath.

JO stone for web








at the way sunlight touches things:
a flower, a table, your cat, the floor.

cat for web







to your breath, the ticking of the clock, the dog’s quiet snoring,
a breeze lifting leaves, the ocean’s caress.
Listen to the silence
of yourself.

man on beach web







Hear the Silent Music.

mono for web











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From The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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