The Holy Spirit

“I will pour out my spirit on all people” (Acts 2:17).

Articles from the Spring/summer 2013 issue of Reflections magazine.

To read the entire issue, click here.

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Read individual articles in this issue:

Spirit of the Moment, by Marjorie George

Pentecost: Making Us Capable of God, by the Rev. Mike Marsh

Responding to the Voice Within, by Diane Thrush

The Proclamations of Pentecost, by the Rt. Rev. David Reed

A Litany to the Holy Spirit

Reconciling with the Holy Spirit, by James Dennis, O.P.

3 Roles of the Spirit, by the Rev. Philip Cunningham

The Discipline of Living in the Spirit, by Blake Coffee

Just Breathe, by Catherine Lillibridge

A Short Lesson on the Holy Spirit, by the Rev. Dr. John Lewis

The Holy Spirit as Divine Reviver, by Sylvia Maddox

The Girl I didn’t Know, by Clara Duffy

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