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From “Spiritual Practices – Living the Gift,” the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Reflections magazine. To read the entire issue, click here.


Bible Watch And Keys On A Grunge BackgroundThe Daily Office, as set forth in The Book of Common Prayer (BCP), includes forms of worship and assigned Scripture readings for each day of the week except Sunday. These include Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, Noonday Prayer, and Compline along with daily devotions for individuals and families. “It comes out of the worship of temple and synagogue,” says Bob Hibbs, “and there has likely not been a time in the Church – East or West – when it has not been a significant part of the spiritual life of the Church. Often it has been canonically enforced on those under holy orders.” The lectionary (readings for each day) is found in the BCP beginning on pg 934.

In recent years, reading Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer has been made more accessible by websites that post these forms online with appointed readings for each day embedded within the service. One-stop worship, as it were. Perhaps the easiest site to use is The Mission of St. Clare, which has been online since the early 1990s – now in English and Spanish.

Mission St. Clare was begun, says the creator of the website, “after one too many clerics gave one too many sermons opining about how people didn’t make time to come to church anymore. Since I was, myself, working 60-hour weeks in Silicon Valley, I knew very well why people weren’t in church on Sunday. In my mind, the question was not ‘Can you get the people to church?’ but ‘Can you get church to the people?'”

According to the site, “The Mission was named for St. Clare because (at the time) no one had designated a patron of the Internet and I thought she represented the idea of prayer available anytime and anywhere the best. (Especially because she was already patron of television.) No official body was involved in elevating St. Clare to patron of the Internet because, really, who would you ask?”

Access the Daily Office and read the rest of the story of Mission of St. Clare at

explore more orange for webMore Resources
Find the Daily Office online, with apps for Android, iPhone and iPpad

Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer, ad Evening Prayer in audio

For the daily Bible readings with a short meditation for the day, plus links to the readings on other sites, go to the Forward Movement site

For the lectionary (Bible readings appointed for each day), go to

For The Book of Common Prayer online

For more liturgical resources for Anglicans


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