More resources on sacred spaces

Three website articles and a booklist for your consideration

“Creating a Sacred Space” by Renee Miller, found on

“Every major religion has some form of spiritual practice of attention or mindfulness,” says writer Renee Miller on the Explorefaith website ( “The number of possessions that we have, the amount of material goods that fill our lives, the clutter that seems to gather all around our living areas, crowd out attention and focus. Our minds, thoughts, energies are dispersed in myriad directions, and in the cacophony of competing claims on us, we cannot seem to find our center, our sense of clarity, our touch with the sacred, our experience of God. Sacred spaces allow us to reclaim that holy core that exists within us.”

In this article, Miller leads readers through the process of creating a simple space within their own homes where what is divine may be drawn out.



“Finding the Sacred” by Ben Bowen King found on

During the early ‘60s, folklorist Harry Oster sweet-talked himself into Louisiana’s Angola State Prison Farm with a tape recorder. He walked out with a collection of spirituals that will literally raise the hair on the back of your neck. Oster found a wealth of spiritual music among the prison’s predominantly African-American population. Writer Ben Bowen King identifies the prison as a sacred space you won’t find on any list of such. And yet Angola is where you will hear some of the most sacred music on the planet,he says. Read more and listen to a music sample at


Review of The Sacred Meal by Nora Ghallager found on

Gallagher’s book The Sacred Meal allows us to consider what it is that brings us back, time and again, to the Communion table, and in so doing helps us understand for ourselves the profound import of this communal and very personal experience where we are conjoined with the holy. Read an interview with Gallagher about how she understands the Eucharist as a sacred practice.


Books list on the topic of sacred spaces (recommendations from Patricia Brooke, writer and retreat leader).

Avery, Byllye, An Altar of Words: Wisdom, Comfort, and Inspirations for African American Women

Cash, Marie Romero, Living Shrines – Home Altars of New Mexico

Cunningham, Nancy Brady and Denise Geddes, A Book of Women’s Altars

Guenther, Margaret, The Practice of Prayer

Hays, Edwards, Pray All Ways

Hays, Edwards, Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim

Hibbs, Bishop Bob, An Altar in Your Heart

Linn, Denise, Altars – Bringing Sacred Shrines into Your Everyday Life

McMann, Jean, Altars and Icons – Sacred Spaces in Everyday Life

Neeld, Ph.D., Elizabeth H., A Sacred Primer

Owen, Carol, Creating Personal Shrines

Richardson, Jan L., Sacred Journeys – A Women’s Book of Daily Prayer

Streep, Peg, Altars Made Easy – A Complete Guide to Creating Your Own Sacred Space




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