A Prayer for Finding God

by Maurleen Cobb

Heavenly Father,
As I go about my daily life, help me to open all my senses to what you are trying to share with me.  Help me to not get caught up in the secular trappings of what the world would say is a sacred place but to allow you to show me what that sacred place is for me at that moment in my life. Amen

To me a sacred place is just the location where a sacred moment can occur.  Maybe it was my nomadic upbringing and life as a military child, member, and spouse, but I have always had a hard time defining one place that is THE place where I will encounter the Holy.  I have always known that for me a sacred place is the place where I am when I feel the peace that God is there with me. 

My sacred spaces include holding my son in my arms the first time we were alone, just me and the baby, in the hospital after he was born. My sacred spaces include a Louisiana sunset as Taps was playing when I was on duty at field training; they include caravaning through Iraq and realizing that I was in the fertile crescent, the very beginning of God’s creation.

Today my sacred place is sitting at my computer remembering those moments in my life when God was with me, sharing those moments with you, and feeling my heart swell with his grace.

Maurleen Cobb is a member of St. Mark’s EpiscpalChurch in San AntonioTX, a lawyer, and an Air Force reservist. Reach her at  mcobb@mwcobblaw.com.

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