Advent: Hope for Hard Times

The Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Reflections magazine

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In this issue

Beginnings and Endings – The Rev. Carol Morehead
Begin again, now and always.

Receiving Emmanuel – The Rev. Lera Tyler
The procession of the poinsettias as heralds of hope.
 Liturgy as Anchor Rilda Baker
The Great Litany in present tense.

Delays – Marthe Curry
Delays are not dead ends.

Praying for Light in The Dark – The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson
Praying for mercy, peace, love.

Standing with Mexico – The Rev. Mary Earle
and The Rev. Saúl Palafox
After the earthquakes.

Faith in the Days of Tragedy – The Rev. Michael K. Marsh
Tears are the response that sustains.

From Bitterness to Praise – Elizabeth Head Black
The psalms change our perspective.

Rivers of Babylon – Diane Thrush
The Israelites in exile sang our song.

Longing with Assurance – Sylvia Maddox
O Come O Come Emmanuel

Praying the O Antiphons
An Advent Practice

In Every Issue:

From the Editor: The Old Man and the DogMarjorie George

The Back Page: A Letter from the Bishop – The Rt. Rev. David M. Reed

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