Music as Spiritual Formation

All sorts of spiritual music – from soaring hymns to Christian rock – can provide spiritually enriching experiences.  And it starts when we are children and stays with us into old age, not even being diminished by dementia. This issue explores some of the many ways music serves as spiritual formation.

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Online Exclusive (these articles appear only in the online issue and are not in the printed publication).

The Music of my Life – Jennifer Wickham

All Music is Spiritual – the Rev. James Derkits

Formed by Music – Fran Torres Lopez


From the Spring/Summer 2017 issue

Henry Sings – Marjorie George
He didn’t even recognize his daughter, until someone put on the music.

Singing the Journey – Sylvia Maddox
You can’t travel without a song.

The Music of What Happens – The Rev. Mary Earle
When God Sings, the Celts Call it Oran Mor.

The Marvelous Musical Brain – Julie Raymond Chalk
It shapes us as children and stays with us entering death.

Singing Over the River – Sylvia Maddox
The gift of music at the end of life.

The Sounds of (Church) Music – Dr. Carl Leafstedt
The repertoire of Anglican hymnody is vast and ancient.

Supporting Role – Marjorie George
Sunday-morning worship music enhances without pushing itself.

Praying in the Vernacular – Marjorie George
Music makes a God connection at Grace Church.

A Thousand Tongues – Diane Thrush
Changing music choices are part of our evolving spiritual journey.

Getting Intentional About Contemporary – The Rev. Matthew Wise
It’s time to train the music leaders.

Why We Sing – The Rev. Lera Tyler
When we sing, our song is heard.

From The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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