Grace: How Shall We Respond?

The Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Reflections magazine.

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Reflections Spring/ Summer 2016


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Empty-Chair Grace Marjorie George
Is it gratitude or fear?

Grace Reflected – The Rev. Carol Morehead
Knowing about grace is not the same as experiencing it.

Evening Walk – The Rev. Lera Tyler
Busy with our own stuff, we bypass so much grace.

Channels of Grace – The Rev. Dr. John Lewis
Grace empowers us to proclaim the Good News.

In the Midst of Suffering – The Rev. Mary Earle
“Everybody has something,” her new friend told her.

A Dog Named Grace – Diane Thrush
She was there at night when their lives were so dark.

Releasing Grace – Mary Carolyn Watson
What should they do with the money that jingled in the Easter eggs?

Saying Grace – Sylvia Maddox
Teach the children.

Forgiven and Empowered – Bishop Gary Lillibridge
From The Book of  Common Prayer




From The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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