Suggestions for small-group study

Begin your group session with one or two readings from Scripture or prayers from The Book of Common Prayer. See especially A General Thanksgiving or A Litany of Thanksgiving on pg 836 of the BCP. Or use an appropriate selection based on the time of day from Daily Devotions for Individuals and Families, pg 136 BCP. Use other scriptures or psalms as you desire.

Choose one article from this issue, be sure all participants have copies, and give 30 minutes — or more if you have time —  for individuals to read it on their own. If possible, send them out onto the grounds to do the reading.

Gather the group together and invite response to the questions at the end of the article. Or make up your own questions. Or invite the group to add their own questions. The point here is not to answer the questions or to come to consensus, but to explore the topic of abundance as it relates to your community or to individuals.

More questions for the group to consider:

Where else in the gospels do we see stories of God’s lavish abundance?

Where do we see stories when God’s abundance is rejected?
(See Mark 10:17-27 for instance.)

Are you a hoarder? Not just of your material goods, but of your time, your love, your attention?

What gifts have you been given you are called to share: The wisdom of years and experience? The story of your transformation? Insights because of your age, gender, or circumstances?

Many Americans voluntary accept a simplified lifestyle by making conscious choices to leave materialism behind and move on to a more sustainable lifestyle. Is this a good thing whether or not it recognizes God as the giver of all?

This resource is from the Spring/Summer 2015 edition of Reflections magazine, published by the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.  To see the entire issue, click here.

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