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Music as Spiritual Formation

The Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Reflections magazine.


We sang a song of the saints of God when we were young, and decades later we can still recall a verse or two. Without our even noticing, music has been an underpinning of our continuing spiritual formation. This issue of Reflections explores the many ways music speaks, or rather sings, to us, from Christian rock to the great hymns of centuries past. Read the issue, including three articles that are exclusive to the online issue, here: Music as Spiritual Formation.

The Fall/Winter issue of Reflections magazine

reflections-fall-winter-2016-coverThe Fall/Winter 2016 issue of Reflections magazine – the topic of which is The Way of Reconciliation – was compiled prior to the U.S. presidential election of November 8 and is not intended to address the political situation of our country in any way.

Rather, this issue looks deeply into the need for reconciliation within ourselves when we are torn apart by broken relationships, unexpected deaths, changing circumstances over which we may have little control.

When we seek lives that draw us ever deeper into God’s grace, we  often learn that the rocky road of the spiritual journey, for all of its joy, demands we face some hard truths, including that “it’s not about me.”

And the deeper we go into the journey, the more we learn to let go rather than acquire, to accept instead of rail against. The more we shed our illusions that we are masters of our own fate, the more we realize that our residency is not of this world but of God’s kingdom where “thieves cannot break through and steal” our peace and our joy (see Matthew 6:20).

The Fall/Winter issue of Reflections is now online and available here. Printed issues should be delivered to homes in the Diocese of West Texas by mid-November.  If you do not receive a printed copy of the magazine and wish to, please send your name and mailing address to



The Practice of Everyday Contemplation



cover for webThomas Merton, one of the great contemplatives of the 20th century, says that “contemplative living is a way of responding to our everyday relationships” (from Bridges to Contemplative Living, Book One). When we approach life from a contemplative stance, we become more aware of God’s presence all around us, and we slow down to appreciate it. Likewise, we become more aware of our own responses to life and our connection to the persons we encounter every day.

The fall/Winter 2015 issue of Reflections magazine explores this aspect of the contemplative life and invites you to engage with it. To read the entire issue online, click on the cover image.  Or explore the issue in-depth and read each article here.

You will also find, in this issue, suggested practices with which to explore the contemplative life.

The printed issue of the magazine will be mailed the week of November 9 to every household in the Diocese of West Texas. If you are not on the mailing list and would like to be, email to

And make plans now to attend a one-day Contemplative Retreat led by the Revs. Mike Chalk and Linda Ricketts at the Bishop Jones Center on January 30.

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Marjorie George, editor

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