Analyzing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

If you prefer slots with beautiful 3D graphics, then you will love the ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ slot machine released by BetSoft in 2014. Do not get it mixed up with Microgaming’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ slot machine, which is an entirely different game. The slot machine was inspired on a story by Robert Louis Stevenson from 1886 that was only somewhat terrifying.

Get ready to sprint around Victorian London in search of clues about the mysterious metamorphosis of the upstanding Dr. Jekyll into the heinous Mr. Hyde. Let’s have a look at the slot’s payout percentage and special features, as well as the online casinos that offer it and the bonuses they offer.

Slot machine Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has

Set against a backdrop of Dr. Jekyll’s library, this slot machine features 5 reels and 30 paylines. It’s full of allegories that any reader may understand and appreciate.

The two main characters, as well as the police officer, laboratory notes, newspaper, keyhole, fireplace, and red and blue potions serve as symbols.

The Mr. Hyde wild symbol can replace any icon other than the Dr. Jekyll symbol.

The Jekyll and Hyde symbols can be substituted for by the game logo, which appears exclusively on reels one, three, and five. It also activates several other features.

It’s also important to keep an eye out for the two distinct symbol combinations.

With the combination of the Red Potion on reels 2 and 4 and Dr. Jekyll on reel 3, all Jekyll, Hyde, and logo symbols will be transformed into wilds, increasing your chances of winning by as much as ten times your wager.

If you obtain the Blue Potion on reels 2 and 4 and Mr. Hyde on reel 3, you can win up to x20 your wager, although this combination doesn’t come up very often.

Extra feature frenzy

The cinematic Frenzy feature is triggered by getting the Mr. Hyde features on reels 2 and 4, together with the game logo on reel 3. This is one of the instances where BetSoft’s visual prowess is on full display. You control Mr. Hyde’s whereabouts as he runs amok through the streets of London. You might be able to rob some bakeries and candy stores, or you might run into a cop. In this bonus game, the average win is about 30 times the initial wager.

Bonus Potion Function

To unlock the lucrative Potion Bonus, you need to land Dr. Jekyll symbols on the second and fourth reels and the logo on the third reel, just like in Frenzy. Now is the time to quickly combine the ingredients for the potion, increasing your chances of success. Quick mixers can win up to 120 times their wager, while those who take their time often get payouts of 50 times their wager.

Free Spins on the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Slot

The bonus meter, which is filled by finding the red potions, can be seen below the reels. When the progress meter reaches 100, you’ll trigger the Free Spins bonus and play through Dr. Jekyll’s transformation into Mr. Hyde as you win 100 free spins. The catch is that you won’t get to use all the free spins because you’ll start collecting the Blue potions right away and the feature will expire as soon as you gather 12 of them. So far, when we played this slot machine, we only got about ten free spins instead of a hundred.

Bonus game featuring Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

If you sign up with one of the top online casinos we’ve recommended below, you may play the gorgeous Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot machine with a welcome bonus worth over £1,000 and hundreds of free spins.

Where to Play the Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll Slot Machine

Slot machine odds, jackpot size, and volatility for “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

The range of possible wagers on Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is from a penny per spin up to £150. The game offers a low amount of volatility and a high return to player of roughly 97%. This BetSoft machine has a maximum jackpot of 480,000 coins.

Images and sounds from the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde slot machine

After so many movie-themed slots, it’s nice to see one based on a literary masterpiece from around the world. The game’s design is great, and it includes a nice eerie dramatic soundtrack and impressive 3D visual cutscenes. Take in the authentic Victorian ambiance as you stroll through the streets of 19th-century London and visit Dr. Jekyll’s library, where some dubious concoctions are being concocted. The classic work by the Scottish novelist may perhaps pique your interest.

We draw a conclusion about the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde slot.

Honestly, we would give this slot a shot just to see its stunning visuals and unique style that set it apart from the competition. BetSoft’s work wowed us not just artistically, but also with its novel free spins bar and its many novel features, symbol combinations, and bonus rounds. The only downside is that the number of spins you get for free is limited. We are confident that if you give this game a try at any of the above casinos, you will have a great time.

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