Your 2012 Spiritual Life

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas Season. By our calculations, those of you who are practicing the 12 days of Christmas should now have 14 turtle doves, 21 French hens, 35 golden rings, 42 laying geese, 49 swimming swans — and a partridge in a pear tree.  We presume you are now googling “home addition plans” for the coming milkers, dancers, pipers, leapers, and drummers.

During this first week of the new year, ReflectionsOnline will offer some recommendations of resources for your 2012 spiritual formation plan – online Bible studies, spiritual formation websites, blogs, apps for your smart phone and more. We invite you to check them out, take what you like, and leave the rest.

Our reflections for the year begin on Epiphany, January 6. Throughout the year, we’ll be posting reflections regularly with a special Lenten series beginning February 22, Ash Wednesday.

We will also, this year, offer some online studies, including a Bible study on 1 and 2 Corinthians, written by the Rev. Drs. John Lewis and Jane Patterson; and an online study of the Nicene Creed written by the Rev. Mike Marsh.

We invite to join our online community as you reflect on the spiritual journey to which God is calling you. Get it all automatically in your email inbox by signing up in the e-mail subscription block on the right.

Marjorie George, editor, ReflectionsOnline

13 thoughts on “Your 2012 Spiritual Life”

  1. On the froth day of Christmas, shortly after I opened the gates from the garden into the courtyard four calling birds came into the courtyard to drink from the fountain, look at themselves in the mirrors on the east and west walls, peck on the sliding glass door to our family dining room, fly up to the large plastic jar of bird food, and then slowly walk out to the bird feeder waiting for me to fill the bird feeder. The four chachalacas demonstrate that good habits pay off. They have me well trained

  2. Also might want to Google Animal Control as well as well as a good Vet who specilizing in neutring anamials!!!!
    And good group of “Merry Maids” ;0)

  3. This will be my 71st year to celebrate Epiphany, my birthday. I look forward to awakening to the light through your special reflections.

  4. I get confused as to wheter I ought to sign up again or if I will continue to receive the emails. I definitely want them. Please excuse me for being a bit slow but I came late in life to all this media world we live in now.
    Thanks and Happy New Year,
    Helen. G.

    1. our posts should continue to show up in your e-mail inbox. thanks for being a faithful reader – Marjorie

  5. Thanks for this, Molly. I will add it to our list. New Year blessings to you and your family. – Marjorie

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