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 For your 2012 spiritual formation

We know that any serious spiritual formation plan must include regular study of God’s Word; but how easy it is to let our Bible reading plan, faithfully made on January 1, get eased out of our busy lives.  The irony is that when we do consciously follow a Bible-reading regimen, we are able to sort through the priorities of our lives, and we find that time spent with God adds to our lives, rather than diminishing them.

It is important to find a Bible study plan that speaks to you and with which you can engage personally. We suggest you check with your priest and your friends for recommendations or search “online Bible studies” through Google. Carefully review each plan before signing up, to make sure you are comfortable with the theology it presents.

We are aware of these plans, and you might begin here. If you are aware of other online Bible studies, please share them with us.

YouVersion: Set up a Bible study plan and have daily Scripture readings delivered to your Smart Phone or e-mail inbox.  Plans are for as few as five days or as long as the whole year.  Some are topic-based with commentary; others are scripture selections with no comment or reflection. Review plans before selecting. Readings are fairly basic. 

Beth Moore Believing God: Originating from a concept introduced in Isaiah 43:10, Believing God examines what it means to believe God rather than only believe in Him. Participants study the lives of Abraham and others from Hebrews 11 as examples of people who believed God. This study parallels a personal journey Beth took in coming to understand what it means to believe God. Here’s how the study works.  

Family Bible Study: St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Beaumont, Texas, has designed a Bible reading plan for personal and family use with a very short Order for Family Prayer (found on a separate page of their web site), with suggestions for its use. This is a daily study for parents and children written by the Rev. Frank Fuller, now rector of St Mark’s in Beaumont and formerly a priest of the Diocese of West Texas. Find it at

Episcopal Church Lectionary: Satucket Software has links to daily Bible readings using the Episcopal Church lectionary. For general info:

Marjorie George, editor, ReflectionsOnline

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