Why Is Dana White Known for Blackjack?

Dana White is most popular as the head man of the UFC. White, who’s been running the UFC’s tasks starting around 2001, has changed blended hand to hand fighting into an overall peculiarity.

He’s made an enormous fortune in doing as such. Because of being essential for the UFC’s $4 billion dollar deal to WME-IMG (presently Endeavor), White’s total assets is more than $500 million.

His total assets permits him to play the most elevated blackjack stakes in Vegas. White doesn’t simply play the game either — he overwhelms it! He’s made no less than $3.2 million at the Palms Casino Resort. He has likewise won as much as $7 million out of one night at the tables.

Given his prosperity and rewards with the game, is Dana White the best blackjack player of all time? You can figure out in the accompanying post as I talk about additional on White’s achievements alongside on the off chance that he qualifies as the game’s GOAT.

Dana WhiteWhite’s blackjack legend started when he beat the Palms Casino for $1.6 million. Possessed by the Maloof family at that point, the gambling club restricted White a while later.

Subsequent to going through a difference in proprietorship, the gambling club welcomed White back to play. The outcome was something similar, with Dana winning another $1.6 million.

Yet again the board restricted White. This time, in any case, they gave him a title belt that read “Undisputed Blackjack Champion.”

UFC reporter Joe Rogan once saw White win $7 million in a solitary evening, across various tables. This must be perhaps of the greatest single success in blackjack history.

What Makes a Blackjack Player Great?

You can see that Dana White has certainly had significant accomplishment with this game. Does he have the capabilities, however, to be viewed as the best player of all time? You can decide for yourself by seeing what makes a blackjack player extraordinary underneath.

Information on the Game

Blackjack is an inside and out gambling club game that has numerous complexities. You really want to grasp these complexities in the event that you need any possibility turning into a decent player.

You can figure out how to bring down the blackjack house edge by utilizing a system card. These cards, which are broadly accessible on the web, tell the best way to pursue ideal choices in each case. You can rapidly look into one of these cards and begin culminating your methodology immediately.


Beside understanding fundamental methodology, you additionally need to realize what rules mean for the house edge. Better guidelines work on your possibilities winning.

A 3:2 regular blackjack payout diminishes the house advantage by 1.39% versus a 6:5 compensation out. In the event that the seller remains on a delicate 17 as opposed to hitting, the house edge hops by another 0.2%.

Both of these principles are printed straightforwardly on the table felt. Concerning different standards, you can find out about them here and sort out what they mean for the house edge.

Advantage Play

Fundamental blackjack system can put you on neutral ground with the club. The watchword here, however, is “nearly.” You should foster some sort of benefit to win benefits reliably. Card counting is most-familiar method for beating blackjack.

It includes following card esteems and deciding when the shoe is in support of yourself. This situation happens when the shoe is more extravagant in high cards (10-A) than low cards (2-6). You then raise your wagers right now to exploit what is happening.


The world’s best blackjack players are likewise ready to add mix following to the situation. Mix following includes outwardly following card bunches through the mix.

The expectation is to recognize a heap, or a “slug,” with loads of high cards. Very much like card counting, you need to raise bets when an ideal slug has been managed.

Card counting can give between a 0.5% and 1.5% edge over the gambling club. Mix following can support your benefit to somewhere in the range of 4% and 5%.

Noteworthy Win Record

The best blackjack players don’t return home washouts consistently. All things being equal, they’re ready to beat the gambling club over the long run and win benefits.

Top card counters earn enough to pay the bills with blackjack. Other card counters are in some measure sufficient to procure some additional pay. First class mix trackers can make mid-six figures during a decent year.

A few high-stakes players, similar to White, can procure a large number of dollars through a mix of gifted play and karma. They bet such a lot of that their hot evenings transform into huge benefits.

Life span

Anyone can beat blackjack for a meeting or two. Notwithstanding, unquestionably the best players can bring in cash throughout the long term.


Many blackjack legends have professions spreading over many years. They have a blend of master abilities, great bankroll the executives, and the capacity to disguise their play.

Covering is key in light of the fact that any effective player needs to mix in with the group. They don’t, be that as it may, need the club acknowledging how great they are. If not, they could get restricted from various blackjack tables across the world

Is Dana White the Best?

Dana White meets a portion of the models examined previously. Thusly, it’s not absolutely insane to investigate whether he’s the game’s best player. He particularly succeeds in two fundamental regions:

Amazing Win Record

Life span

As referenced previously, White has won a few million bucks through high-stakes blackjack. He’s done well to such an extent that he is presently prohibited from playing at numerous club.

Relatively few players can flaunt winning a few million and keeping it.

Wear Johnson, who’s prevailed upon $15 million in benefits, might actually be the main player who tops White in this classification.

White has likewise been playing the game for various years. He didn’t simply go out and win everything during a solitary high-stakes meeting. All things considered, he has amassed these benefits over the long haul.

Concerning whether White plays with a benefit, it’s hard to say. In the event that he knows how to count cards or mix track, he’s shrewdly staying quiet about it.

By and by, I don’t believe that White is a benefit player. All things considered, I accept that he has great information on the game and gets good guidelines as a high-stakes player. He has utilized these two viewpoints, alongside a touch of karma, to win serious cash.

Except if White in all actuality does subtly enjoy a benefit, I don’t believe that he’s the best blackjack player of all time. I really do give him props, however, for being a major victor.

Who Is the Best Blackjack Player Ever?

Numerous incredible players have taken a seat at the blackjack tables throughout the long term. Ed Thorp, for instance, is the principal known player to effectively utilize card building up to create gains.

At the point when gambling clubs sorted out some way to dial back performance card counters, Al Francisco concocted the “Large Player” idea. He fostered a group based approach that the MIT blackjack group later idealized.

Discussing which, Jeff Ma was instrumental in keeping the MIT blackjack group going. He was likewise an incredible player himself.

These are only a portion of the unbelievable players who’ve had extraordinary accomplishment with the game.

So, picking only one individual as the GOAT is troublesome. By the by, James Grosjean is my pick for the best blackjack player ever. As a creator and expert of numerous benefit play procedures, Grosjean has acquired a mountain of knowledge about this game.

He’s showcased his abilities at the clandestine Blackjack Ball. An occasion loaded up with the world’s top players, the Blackjack Ball sees participants go up against one another in various classifications.

The objective is to sort out who’s the top player at that point. Grosjean won this occasion so often that the coordinators requested that he quit contending in it.

Beside garnish his companions over and over, Grosjean has made mid-six figures through blackjack for a long time. He’s likewise figured out how to disguise his personality alright to try not to get prohibited from those gambling clubs.


Dana White is no question a fruitful blackjack player. Maybe a couple of individuals have at any point won the sort of benefits that he has.

Nonetheless, benefits don’t be guaranteed to show the best player of all time. All things considered, not every person can stand to play for similar stakes as White.

I’ll simply end by saying that White is most certainly a decent player. He’s adequate to have been prohibited by the Palms and different club.

The central issue, however, is whether he really enjoys a benefit. In the event that he doesn’t, then, at that point, White ought not be viewed as the best ever.

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